SAM ROBOTCAM is the first broadcast robot-cam in the world.

Throw away all the tracks and cables and adopt this fully smart and wireless system to save time and capture all the previously unreachable shots.



Fully computerized robot that can be controlled from up to 200 meters.

Wireless 360 degrees camera head.

Wireless follow focus and zoom.

Unlimited moves and angles.

Smooth acceleration and deceleration.

Advanced electrical brakes system

that provides a smooth stop.

Interference protection system.

Setup time 1 minute.

Fully controlled by wireless joysticks.

Can hold a camera weighing up to 35 kg.

Built-in lithium batteries with a 10-hour runtime.

Front and rear controllable driver cameras

for more efficient and accurate driving.

Completely silent.

Great for: Live shows, TV shows,

drama, cinema, theatrical

and sports events.

No need for tracks.

SAM ROBOTCAM can move on any flat surface.